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Boxing Gloves


Unleash the power of love and friendship with our exquisite Boxing Gloves-shaped 14K real gold necklace pendant from Tehrani Jewelry. Each pendant is a testament to craftsmanship and artistry, meticulously created in our Los Angeles workshop to embody the enduring values of unity and strength.

This precious pendant, crafted from pure 14K gold, weighs approximately 1.1 grams and measures 16mm in height and 10mm in width. It isn't just a symbol; it's a statement—an embodiment of resilience and unwavering bonds.

Elevating your experience further, every order is elegantly packaged, complete with a meticulously crafted box and Tehrani's signature bag. Additionally, indulge in the option of pairing this exquisite pendant with a solid gold chain, enhancing its allure and your personal style.

Embrace not just a purchase but a captivating unboxing journey. With each unwrapping, feel the anticipation build as you reveal this stunning Boxing Gloves pendant—a symbol of enduring love and unwavering friendship, designed to add a touch of sophistication and meaning to your ensemble.

Let Tehrani Jewelry redefine your unboxing experience—a gateway to cherished moments and a celebration of the profound connections represented by this extraordinary pendant.