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Elevate your faith and style with our exquisite 14K Solid Gold Virgin Mary Pendant. This precious pendant is a symbol of love, protection, and faith, carefully crafted in the heart of Los Angeles.

Our Virgin Mary pendant is designed to be a reminder of the love and friendship that surrounds us. Whether you wear it for its spiritual significance or as a fashion statement, its pure 14K gold composition reflects enduring beauty and grace.

Each order is thoughtfully packaged, including a special box to hold this treasured piece. For a complete look, explore our options of solid gold chains to accompany your pendant.

With an approximate weight of 1.0 gram, this pendant boasts delicate dimensions, measuring 18mm in height and 13mm in width. It's a timeless and elegant addition to your jewelry collection.

Tehrani Jewelry invites you to embrace the divine beauty of our 14K Solid Gold Virgin Mary Pendant, an enduring symbol of faith and love. Order yours today and carry this exquisite piece with you as a cherished token of devotion.