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Hamsa With Feather


Discover the captivating harmony of protection and grace embodied in our Precious Hamsa Feather Pendant, meticulously shaped from 14K solid gold. This exquisite piece is not merely jewelry but a profound symbol crafted to share the messages of love and friendship.

Inspired by the enduring significance of the Hamsa and the delicate beauty of a feather, this pendant is meticulously crafted in our Los Angeles workshop. The purity of 14K gold brings to life the essence of this symbol, infusing it with elegance and meaning.

Every order arrives meticulously packaged, ensuring a delightful unboxing experience. To complete your ensemble, we offer optional solid gold chains, allowing you to personalize and elevate the pendant's allure.


Material: 14K solid gold
Approximate Weight: 1.1 grams
At Tehrani Jewelry, we take pride in crafting not just accessories, but meaningful symbols of protection, grace, and enduring connections.