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Pair of Boxing Gloves


Step into the ring of style and strength with our meticulously crafted pair of boxing gloves pendant from Tehrani Jewelry. Weighing approximately 2 grams, this symbol of resilience and determination embodies the spirit of a fighter, encapsulating the drive and passion for victory.

Each glove, measuring approximately 16mm in height and 10mm in width, is crafted with intricate detail, exuding power and finesse. They reflect the dedication and grit of a true champion, a testament to your inner strength.

Experience the thrill of unboxing as your order arrives elegantly packaged, ensuring a memorable unveiling. From the carefully designed box to the moment you reveal these striking boxing gloves, the unboxing experience mirrors the toughness and elegance of the pendant itself.

Versatile and empowering, these gloves add a bold touch to any outfit, symbolizing courage and determination. Let them inspire you to face every day with the same tenacity as a champion.

Embrace Tehrani Jewelry's pair of boxing gloves pendant—a tribute to resilience and the unwavering spirit of a fighter.