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Tennis Life


Experience the elegance and passion for tennis with our Precious Handmade Tennis Racquet Pendant, meticulously shaped from a combination of lustrous 14K solid gold in a captivating two-tone design. More than a mere accessory, this pendant embodies the spirit of love and camaraderie, celebrating the shared joy and friendships forged through the sport.

Each Tennis Racquet pendant, weighing approximately 1.6 grams, is meticulously crafted in our Los Angeles workshop, a testament to our dedication to detail and quality in every piece.

With dimensions of approximately 15mm in height and 14mm in width, this intricately detailed pendant features a delicate touch of Cubic Zirconia stones, enhancing its allure.

Every order is thoughtfully prepared, arriving in complete packaging that includes a beautifully designed box. To complement this exquisite pendant, explore our array of solid gold chain options.


  • Material Type: 14K solid gold
  • Material Color: Yellow Gold
  • Stone Type: Cubic Zirconia
  • Height: 15 mm
  • Width: 14 mm
  • Approximate Weight: 1.6 grams

At Tehrani Jewelry, we encapsulate not just the beauty of jewelry, but the spirit of connection and shared passion, inviting you to carry the essence of love and friendship in every stroke.